Patent Submission Terms Of Use

By posting your patents and accompanying information, you agree to the following terms and conditions:

  1. 1) You are the owner of the patent assets submitted, or you are an agent for the owner, fully authorized to submit the patents for purchase consideration and enter into this agreement on behalf of the owner.

  2. 2) Commercially reasonable measures will be taken to treat information marked "Confidential" as confidential.

  3. 3) Your submission does not constitute notice of any patent or claim of infringement for the purpose of willful infringement, inducement of infringement, or any increased damages or any notice of infringement.

  4. 4) This agreement does not create an agency or partnership arrangement and does not obligate either party to conclude a transaction.

  5. 5) If Tynax finds a buyer that is interested in acquiring right to the patents you submit, Tynax will present you with the buyer's proposal together with Tynax's proposal to broker a transaction between yourself the such buyer.

  6. 6) You are under no obligation to accept any proposals or offers resulting from this submission. The decision as to whether to sell or license the patents, and the terms of such patent sale or licensing transaction is entirely yours.